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    Which Treatment Is The Best To Control Fleas

    Fleas’ infestation is the major problem for most of the pet owners. If you are suffering from the same issue, then you must read this article. Here I am providing you some tips that would help you in flea control.

    Flea Shampoo

    In the market you will find shampoos that are specifically meant to prevent of flea infestation. These types of shampoos mainly contain Pyrethrins. This substance has neurotoxins that attack the nervous system of insects, including fleas.These flea control shampoos are not suitable for cats. The reason behind that most cats can't tolerate bathing. Cats usually detest water and you need patience while bathing them.

    Natural Treatment

    If you are looking for a natural method that is suitable for cats as well as dogs, you must try Diatomaceous earth (DE). You can browse the web to find how you can make use of DE for pets and animals.  The simple way to use it, cover the carpet of your home with DE; this will soak up liquid and dehydrate fleas.

    Flea Collars

    You can also make use of flea collars. These collars kill fleas and repel them. This device is helpful if you want to get rid of fleas around the neck and face. It will be ineffective for big cats or dogs.

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