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Which Science Based Ketox Plan Will You Choose?

The Science Based Ketox is a diet plan that mixes the use of keto and a detox to encourage the user to lose weight. For those who aren't up to speed on the latest nutrition trends, keto is a diet in which an individual sticks to eating low carbs. In implementing this, their body will initiate a process known as ketosis. During ketosis, the body releases ketones which allows it to begin burning stored fat. Through following the Science Based Ketox, it promises this as well as a detox that will flush the body of impurities. The program options are presented to the buyer in either a, “Standard Ketox Kit” or the larger “VIP Total Transformation Ketox Kit” both with very different values.

The standard kit includes the Ketox video series, a Science Based Ketox meal plan, and a cookbook. Plus three free gifts including a one-month supply of Green Detox, a free TDX Ignite exercise course and a lifetime access to a Facebook support group. This adds up to a combined value of $280.95, however, the cost is only $97.00. 

If the buyer chooses the “VIP Total Transformation Ketox Kit”, a few more things are included that will help aid in their weight loss journey. The standard video series, meal plan, and cookbook are included as in the standard kit. However, in the VIP kit, you receive much more. A three-month supply of a ketogenic coffee is included, three months of the Green Detox, the same TDX Ignite exercise course and access to the facebook support group. This kit appears to be a great deal, with a value coming in at $564.95 and a cost of merely $197.00. ScienceBasedKetox.com currently offers each of the Science Based Ketox plans at a significant discount for a limited time.

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