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    What are Crawler Cranes?

    Crane is a very important machine used in various industries, For example: construction, manufacturing or manufacturing facilities, transportation and more. One of the most versatile cranes that are widely used in the construction industry today is the crane.

    This is a simple rubber vehicle with a crane mechanism attached to it. This crane is equipped with a telescopic boom. These best crawler crane are universal machines that can perform various tasks to easily lift all types of floors on rough or uneven surfaces and in weather conditions.

    The advantage of using a crawler crane

    Cover And Challenges In The Field – These cranes move on a running surface (called a rail) and not on a wheel. This crawler crane is equipped with wheels that allow it to pass through easily accessible parts and challenging landscapes.

    The main advantage of these cranes is that they can easily lift loads up to 3500 tons. By using a crawler crane, it is easy to lift and move heavy loads from one construction site to another.

    Health And Safety Characteristics – Crawler cranes include safe operation, which is an essential element for optimal equipment uptime.

    It contains many aspects and includes speed protection with sheep for stability, excessive safety alarms and sophisticated computer security tools that prevent the risk of a crane falling.

    – Other advantages of crawler cranes are clean, ergonomic and environmentally friendly (ergo-eco) clean operation, quiet movements, remote controlled access, quince activation (360 °) and the possibility of moving in all directions for multifunctional applications.

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