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    Various Types of Natural Stone

    There are various types of natural stones in the world and each has its own unique beauty, characteristics, and applications to use. We have been able to identify some of the more popular types of stone together with their properties, advantages and disadvantages and the use of the most suitable in your home.

    There are three types of stone; Frozen, metamorphic and sedimentary. Igneous rock formed by cooling, or solid-state transformation from liquid materials or semi-liquid in the Earth's upper mantle or crust. Because formed under extreme pressure and high heat, the type of stone or rock tends to be very strong and solid. You can purchase natural quartz for kitchen countertops from various online sources.


    The metamorphic rocks are formed from existing rock types in the crust under conditions of variable high pressure, high temperature, chemical, and time. This process results in mechanical defects chemically altered rock and mineral collection of old stone. A metamorphic rock tends to be some of the most beautiful, colorful and very thought of one dimension stone. Note that many of these metamorphic rocks are up to 3.8 billion years old.

    The latter being the sedimentary rocks that fall into one of two categories: Detrital sedimentary rocks and chemical sedimentary rocks. Cemented detrital rock is a natural accumulation of granular particles of solid or materials derived from both mechanical and chemical weathering of any existing stone. Examples include limestone and sandstone.

    Limestone and sandstone can be used for fireplaces, vanities, flooring, and furniture. They are very soft, porous, scratch and require treatment. Sandstone has a very rough with fossil while Kapur has a very unique look and feel, and is also available in several finishes. Lime has actually become quite popular for the kitchen.

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