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Utilizing Horse Supplements Effectively

Horse supplements will definitely help make your horse healthy. But that does not mean that the drug can act as a medicine for everything.

There are times when you also need appropriate understanding to know what to do whenever your horse is sick. You can also click online websites if you are interested in buying equine blood builder

Horse flu is a very widespread viral respiratory disease that occurs in the warmer months of this year. March to October is the most common months for flu.

The flu is very contagious. Spread by direct and indirect contact, animals press each other or use the same drinking water bucket or feed bucket.

In addition, it can be carried by aerosols, through the atmosphere and can spread quickly to large areas on the countryside. Symptoms can vary, but generally, have the following indications.

Hacking and coughing that lasts from a few days to 2 weeks or even longer, discharge from the nose, high temperatures, and depressive disorders in the first few days.

The incubation period for the horse flu virus may be as short as one to three days. Horses can remain infective and transmit the virus to other horses for about ten days in their nasal secretions.

A number of elements increase the chance of contamination with the influenza virus. Horses one to five years are far more susceptible to disease.

Horses that have never been exposed to the virus before and there is no previous vaccination to protect them from influenza viruses may have lower immune status and are therefore more susceptible to contamination.

Animals that are in the barn with a lot of traffic in and out can have frequent contact with a large number of horses and are very likely to make contact with infections.

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