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Type Of Chemical Used For Pool Maintenance


It is easy for your pools to get contaminated with impurities, most commonly dirt, bacteria and algae. To avoid this, pool equipment such as filters and cleaners are commonly used. However, this may not be enough. A variety of chemicals are used to treat the water to ensure the prevention of any kind of harmful microorganisms. Some common chemicals used for pool maintenance are:

1. Chlorine:

A popular choice most commonly used in pools almost everywhere, chlorine helps to fight and kill bacteria, algae and so forth. Furthermore, chlorine is available in different forms. These include bottles, tablets, sticks and granular form. Every form has different dissolving times and maintenance requirements.

2. Algaecides:

These are commonly copper based chemicals and are used to eliminate algae and prevent it from returning and growing back in the future.

3. Bromine:

This chemical alongside chlorine is a popular chemical used for disinfecting pools of germs and harmful substances. Bromine generally works best in hot water conditions and helps to maintain a stabilized pH level in the water.

4. Cyanuric acid:

This chemical, also referred to as liquid or dry chlorine stabilizer performs the function of protecting chlorine from the UV rays. Furthermore, in sufficient quantities, it is used for the maintenance and disinfection of pools.

Pool maintenance Townsville is done through the use of some of these popular and effective chemicals mentioned above which help to keep your pools clean and germ free.

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