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    Tracking Social media – A Guide for Small enterprises

    Is your small business losing time and money on Facebook marketing? Many small business owners post links on social websites sites like Twitter and Zynga, but have no conception of what's supporting their marketing objectives and what's waste, or even how to find out which analytics are important. You can browse through http://www.meteoroid.co/ to learn more about social media marketing.

    There are numerous factors involved in tracking facebook marketing success but one metric that's simple to track is inbound referrals aimed at your web. A large percentage of facebook marketing activity involves promoting your website in your target audience, so you absolutely got to know what traffic is coming through where.

    Here's a quick tutorial on how to setup your enterprise social media tracking and analytics program.

    Required tools

    -Google Analytics accounts: if you don't have just one, sign up for an Analytics accounts. It takes a bit of effort (you ought to involve your webmaster), but the payoff will likely be apparent for the life of one's website.

    -Google URL Builder: jointly with Analytics, the URL Builder enables you to gain quick insight into the performance of one's social media links

    -Spreadsheet program: such as Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet

    Social Media Tracking Method The first step: Let's say your small organization sells hand-made t-shirts in-store along with online. 

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