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Things You Should Know About Plastic Extruder Machine

A plastic extruder is a kind of plastic machine that may divide into a continuous extruder and discontinuous extruder. If you want to use plastic extruder, you need to pay attention to a lot of things.

  • The plastic that used into the extruder processing must need to be dry.
  • When starting the process, the speed should from slow to fast.
  • Open the heater gives the heat to the body of a machine to increase their temperature and to get the required value. Aside from the temperature of parts of plastic extruder ought to keep warm for approximately 40 minutes, to produce the temperature inside and out be accordance. You may also buy plastic extruder machine through http://limaextrusion.com/en/.

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  • You need to be used the perforated plate, strainer and include pore lubricating oil. The perforated plate may be used for clean thoroughly.
  • Start the machine with low rate. Work the machine free of material to find out whether there's a problem of screw and tool of an electric machine and electrical current, whether the strain gage is ordinary. The idling period of the machine needs to as short as possible to stop the grind of twist and twist, scratch between charging and screw barrel.

After the plastic is extruded along with normal speed, you may add material with large volume. The plastic is extruded; you need to guide the extrudate to cool gear and drag equipment that have opened before.

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