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    The Fun of Learning Japanese Cuisine – Sushi

    Eating Japanese food may be one of the most interesting, fun and satisfying dining experiences you can ever have. When the Japanese food is served at your table, you can expect to see a feast of colors, and scrumptious and filling prescriptions. 

    One of the most common Japanese foods is Sushi. Basic sushi making course covers the science, knowledge and skills that all sushi chefs need to use. And people who are truly interested in learning Intensive Sushi Training Course can join the school.

    This course is suitable for sushi chefs, general chefs who want to run a sushi restaurant. To make sushi you need rice, tuna or salmon, cucumber, wasabi, dried seaweed wrap or sushi nori, crab sticks, and sesame seeds.

    You also need a rolling mat to put these ingredients into a roll and cut into small pieces.These materials are only diced and set on a seaweed wrap and then rolled into a sushi log using the rolling mat . The sesame seeds, oil and soy sauce just for decoration.

    Japanese food usually appears to be a culinary masterpiece when it was served, it was of course expected that careful preparations had been done to make such possible.