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    The Best Beginner Dive Sites In The Whitsundays

    If you’re going for a vacation to the South Pacific, then surely being inside water is a big part of your plans. Diving and snorkeling are huge attractions in all of the countries and islands of the region, especially the Whitsundays. However, people sometimes skip these incredibly fun activities because they think the diving sites around the islands will be too difficult.


    But have no fear! There are plenty of easy diving sites around the islands which are frequented by beginners. These dives have low currents and only a small amount of wind so they are much safer. You can easily learn diving at these sites and enjoy your time by booking with Whitsundaydivingacademy. Here are some of the sites you can go to if you want to learn the basics of diving;

    Manta Ray Bay: This is one of the most gentle and protected dive sites and even has camera monitoring. You will catch glimpses of exotic marine life and have a safe diving experience to boot.

    Luncheon Bay: On the north side of Hook’s Island the bay is protected from blustering winds which makes it a calm spot for quality diving.

    The Aquarium dive Site: This gentle lagoon is not very deep and is a perfect spot for dive beginners.

    Don’t miss out on some epic diving action next time you are in the area.


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