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    Take Some Preventive Measures for Thumb Sucking in Your Child

    Thumb sucking habit is seen in many kids and it is not a surprising thing. It is a natural sucking reflex that involves comfort behavior. Ultrasound scans reveal this habit as early as 15 weeks from conception.

    If this habit is acquired early then this is not that it will become a long term habit. Being a parent you wanted to get rid of this habit in your child as soon as possible. One of the best ways is to visit nipit for thumb sucking devices which will surely help you with this problem.


    Thumb sucking guard helps the child to divert their mind from sucking it. Moreover, it helps them to chew in whatever way they like because it will not harm their teeth and thumb. It will make them nip this habit sooner than later.

    This guard can also help them in protecting from unwanted germs. Prolonged exposure and sucking of the thumb or taking the thumb inside the mouth for a long time causes many problems. Thumb sucking guards can help it to reduce the habit and even germs.

    More than this there are various good habits you can inculcate in your child. Such as warn them about the germs, their causes, and effects, praise them in several ways, reward them which not makes them happy but they will himself try out the different things.

    Thus inculcating different types of habits in them which make them leave it. Without getting into the severe face shape and misaligned teeth consult the doctor from time to time. And must try the thumb sucking guard.


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