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    Take Methodical Approach to Help Your Child Stop Thumb Sucking

    One of the most common concerns that parents bring to us is their child's thumb or finger sucking habit. The good news, however, is that thumb sucking is a perfectly normal activity for babies and toddlers. If they stop at 4 years old, it shouldn't negatively impact their future bites.

    In fact, thumb sucking has a positive aspect: it gives babies a sense of security and a chance to explore the world. To prevent this thumb sucking habit among your child, you can look for various thumb sucking prevention devices online at Nipit.

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    As children grow and feel safer in their environment, the thumb-sucking habit disappears and eventually stops: in most children, this occurs between the ages of two and four. However, if the habit continues in childhood, it is likely that the upper front teeth are tilted towards the lips during the eruption and are in the wrong position, which can also adversely affect the development of the jaw.

    The same problem applies to pacifier use – we recommend weaning children up to eighteen months of age from a pacifier. If your child still has a thumb or finger sucking habit while preparing for school, it's a good idea to try to get him to stop.

    Another factor that can help is starting regular dental visits around your first birthday. Regular checkups allow us to observe the progress of their bite, especially if thumb sucking takes longer than normal. We can also help you with strategies to encourage you to stop thumb sucking or using a pacifier.

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