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    Sun Salutations – Yoga Practice Easily Performed In Any Comfortable Space

    Have you always wanted to do yoga experience from the comfort of your own home, but do not know how to put together a simple practice? There are many yoga postures between the covers of books, but how to choose the poses that will be for your level?

    Traditionally, Sun Salutations were performed to honor the life-giving energy of the rising sun. Twelve yoga postures were chosen to correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac and were made every morning. Convenient for today, those same 12 poses/yoga postures are easy to perform, and are quite wonderful to watch, with the rising sun! These 12 postures or Sun Salutations, flow into a full yoga practice and balanced for any age or level.

    Your yoga practice can be done at home, in any place that has about 3 x 7 feet of floor space. All you need is a good biodegradable yoga mat and some form of teaching practice Yoga Sun Salutation.

    Enjoy the grace of yoga in the comfort in your own space, and when you are ready to venture further out from an experienced yoga instructor will be happy to help you deepen your practice.

    DVDs, videos or presentations can guide you through yoga Sun Salutation. A certified yoga instructor is also a fabulous choice.Once you get the feel of a round of Sun Salutations, you can expand your practice to 3-5 rounds of the same 12 postures.

    As a beginner, you can start by practicing around Sun Salutation. Follow the instructions but listen to your own body. The body will indicate when you enjoy a stretch and when you went far enough. When you're comfortable, challenge yourself to 3-5rounds.

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