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Sleep Apnea In Children Can Cause Significantly Lower IQ Scores

Though it’s been known for quite a while now that kids with sleep apnea often create bad scores on IQ tests (normally scoring a mean of 85 contrary to a score of 101 for kids with sleep apnea) what hasn’t been understood until recently is that results in chemical changes inside the mind. This usually means that an otherwise smart’ child may well turn into a fair performance because of nothing more than a sleeping disorder that, generally, can be rather readily treated.

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The identical study also found that these kids had altered levels of three substances within the mind, indicative of brain damage.

This change of the mind chemistry caused by the presence of sleep apnea may or might not be permanent and, in this stage, additional studies need to check whether this impact may be reversed. But even if the alteration is potential along with the brain cognitive and cognitive functioning could be returned to normal, kids with sleep apnea may endure a reduction in learning provided that they’re experiencing untreated sleep apnea and they’ll surely be unable to wind the clock back and recover this phase of learning.

Parents should naturally be watching out for signs of sleep apnea in their own kids, but this newest study clearly suggests that an early identification and therapy of the sleep disorder might have a very significant impact on a child’s achievement in life.

In the majority of instances sleep apnea in kids could be treated with the surgical removal of the tonsils and adenoids, or extra tissue in the back of the nose or throat. For more information aboutSydney sleep center, visit https://www.nepeansleep.com/.

Sleep apnea is in itself painful for almost any youngster and the consequences of night after night of insufficient sleep may take their toll on your little one. But when this is coupled with the handicap of your child’s IQ, it will become crucial that you act in the first possible chance to get this ailment treated and diagnosed.

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