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    Recycled Water – Meeting Our Increasing Water Needs

    In some areas of the country, rainfall is frequent and freshwater is abundant. However, in dry climates, drinking water is limited, and the use of recycled water to be a practical and environment-friendly choice. You can also know more about wastewater treatment method to recycle water.

    If you think the treated water from the wastewater plant just dumped into rivers and oceans, think again. There are many safe uses of processed wastewater.

    1) Landscape irrigation

    In places where it is warranted, the entire development and surrounding businesses have recycled water irrigation system in place. The system is completely separate from domestic water supplies with many safeguards in place to prevent contamination.

    2) Recreation

    Recycled water is used for displaying the fountain in the outdoor garden as part of the landscape to the golf course water, and to make artificial snow for skiing and decorative use.

    3) In-stream flow augmentation

    Due to urban sprawl, heavy irrigation and low rainfall, the water channel that once had many tributaries feeding them has been exhausted, endangering fish and wildlife species.

    4) The use of Industry

    Depending on the level of treatment, treated wastewater can be used in commercial refrigeration or air conditioning in which the cooling tower is used, and in the industrial sprinkler system.

    Signs of caution are required to be placed anywhere the recycled water is used for alerting the public and ensuring that water is not used for human consumption.

    With proper regulation and control, water recycling has become part of a safe and integral to maintaining our natural resources are the most valuable.

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