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Popular Landscape Design Styles


Like any design field, landscape design is a field that requires creativity. Designers work like artists, each with their own sense of style. Designers need to design according to the clients wish. Landscape design not only depends on the designer’s skills but also on the architecture of home. These are some of the popular styles of landscape design.

1. Rustic –‘Organized Chaos’ is what best describes a rustic landscape. This popular design consists of wildflower gardens along with edible gardens. Rustic landscape uses rough shrubs and native plants that give it a relaxed look. Hardscapes gives this design slow and wandering effect.

2. Modern – This landscape consists of minimal look with clean and straighter lines. Contrast of modern landscape has sharp corners and hard edges. Modern landscape is inclined more towards simplicity by removing all unnecessary materials. This means use of less plants and trees.

3. Formal – ‘Prim and Proper’ is what defines formal landscape. Formal landscape is all about trimming and cropping which gives it a clean look. This type of design includes fence with boundaries for growing bushes, sculptures, and fountains. For a larger design, driveways or pathways may be included with trees and shrubs on both sides.

These 3 are designs that are popular recommended by designer to their client. All these designs have one thing in common – creative and beautiful landscape design. Landscaping in Sydney South West is known to have some of the best landscaping designers.

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