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Medication For Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder is most effectively treated through a multi-pronged approach. Patients need to take the necessary steps to improve their emotional well being.

They will also be required to change their behavioral patterns so that they reduce temptation and cap the free availability of foods they crave. You can also browse https://www.turningtidesed.com/copy-of-anorexia to know binge eating disorder.

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Along with these, occasionally patients may also require drugs to deal with emotional difficulties.

Victims combating binge eating disorder (and other eating disorders generally ) suffer from depression, stress, compulsive behavior and anxiety. Medication can help alleviate these symptoms.

Medicine for binge eating disorder:

The Food and Drug Administartion (FDA) of America hasn't approved any particular medication to take care of binging. Different medicines have mixed results in regards to treating this ailment. But, based on some research, treating therapy with drugs can make it easier for sufferers of binge eating to overcome their disease.


SSRIs (Selective Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitors) cause a chemical balance in the brain, which in turn, affect mood swings and feelings. It has to be recalled, but that antidepressants are exceptionally habit forming and might have severe side effects such as increased thoughts of suicide. It's very important to be on the lookout for these side effects while taking these drugs.


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