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Looking For Professionals Offering Body Sugaring Services

There are a lot of people who are into beauty maintenance to keep their physical appearance in the best possible look. They do a lot of skin care regimen either by themselves or with the help of some professionals that are specializing in them. This includes the removal of hair on unwanted places of your body like underarms and legs.

There are many methods in removing them which also cost differently and have various side effects when not done properly. One of the ways that are considered the better one is body sugaring which is an ancient form of hair removal. They use a mixture of lemon juice, water and sugar made into a paste or gel and is now becoming more popular.

This substance has the color and consistency similar to a wax but without the chemicals, sticky resins, dyes and preservatives that hard or strip waxes contain. The mixture is warm just like the room temperature and applied on the skin against the direction where the hair grows. It will then be removed following the direction of hair growth.

Waxing and sugaring are very different with the first difference is in the direction they are being applied on the skin and removed after. The former method is usually harsh and result with breakage of hair which might happen under the surface of the skin. If they get trapped and grow there, it can then cause an ingrown which are very painful and difficult to remove.

Another big difference between the two methods is that sugaring adheres only to the follicles and not to skin cells that are alive. Wax substances commonly used contain resins which stick to live cells and are painful during removal and may lift them as well. This could result into a burn that will have scabbing later.

On the other hand, sugaring adheres only to dead cells and the mixture deeply permeates into the follicles, removing them effectively. They also remove the inner root sheath which is the waxy white bulb you could find at the end of their shaft. This is a gentle process and an effective exfoliating treatment, leaving your skin smooth, sweet and silky.

If you want to try and undergo this process then look for professionals offering this service using the internet. Specify where you are located when looking for them online to make sure the results are filtered and show only those operating nearby. Doing this excludes those from other places, making it easier for you to list down the possible choices.

You might even request for recommendations from your friends, relatives and colleagues, particularly those who previously tried this. They would share their experience with you in undergoing this method and if they were satisfied with the results. Knowing this information is beneficial since it helps you to narrow down the possible choices further.

Inquire how much does it cost to undergo this kind of procedure. This usually depends on which body part you want this procedure done on you. Ask them how long does the process usually take as well.

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