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    Know About Mad Hatter Costume

    The Mad Hatter Costume is sure to be one of the most popular costumes this year. This is not surprising because of the new release of Walt Disney Film Alice in Wonderland in 2010.

    Costume for Men

    Some Hatter adult costumes have been released this year but one stands out among them all. You can be as mad as the Mad Hatter Johnny Depp in the film. Clothes have fitted velvet jacket with lace on the sleeves and multicolor ribbon accents. You can buy best hats & headbands from various web sources.

    The front shirt looks great with a large faux printed bow tie and oversized striped pants with flower accents stitched on them. The crazy hat is what tops the whole outfit off. Remarkable hat with a peach satin ribbon and electric orange hair attached to the cap.

    Costume for Women

    This year was created as naughty costumes for women. Men will surely turn their heads on this one. This costume is so beautiful and detailed it would be difficult to describe it. The quality is really great and the view is breathtaking.

    Costume for a Teen

    A Teen Mad Hatter costumes also came out this year are cute as a button. But the real craze this year for Halloween or a costume party will be the Mad Hatter dress / Cheshire cat reversible because it was kind of attractive and reversible.

    Costume for Girls

    All the girls will go crazy this year with a new child mad hatter costume. Girl costume is absolutely adorable and kind of attractive too. It comes with a plum jacket with an attachable pink skirt and a yellow bow.

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