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I occasionally use pheromones

I occasionally use pheromones but for all intents in purposes I no longer do. It was fun while it lasted and I did make good gains but the cost/benefit ratio right now wouldn’t be worth the time invested. I’m at a good enough size for the moment and am focusing on other areas of my life. While I study for boards I occasionally do use pheromone attraction and do some skin stretches but nothing extreme nor consistent. I can offer advice though if you do decide start. It does work, very well hehe, but like anything only if you invest the time and effort needed. Learn more about pheromones at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/08/the-pheromone-aspect.html.
I went to my sister’s highschool graduation tonight and used this new pheromone spray. We went out to eat and who do I run into. My ex, who lives a good distance on the northside of town now. She just got back from a vacation, it was her birthday and she was visiting some friends from my side of town. She drug me to her table which sat a girl we went to school w/ (brunette) and another who was an older sister of a girl (redhead) I knew since elementary school. We chatted a bit because the wait for my table was over an hour, remember I “hail from a huge family”, and I did experience bouts of nervousness and can think of a couple of things I said or did that could make me out to be an ass, but most times it was just because I was trying to calm my nerves. But for the most part I was chill & polite according to http://www.kiwibox.com/nicolascas/blog/entry/133518037/pheromones-are-powerful/ and http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2015/11/female-pheromone-containing-compounds.html.
Wow I realized I have hardly any sexual pheromones feelings for my ex, other than catching natural glances at her huge tits. She put on around 10 lbs while we dated and she probably has gained 10 more since we dated. I still care deeply for her. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her & I do hope we can continue a friendship b/c she does have a good pheromone production.
I digress to a month back when my parents were out of town. She was visiting a different old friend on my side of town and was meeting her mom at the mechanic right down my street. Judging from the 30 min phone conversation we had right before she decided to invite herself over and the short skirt she was wearing she was looking to hookup with real pheromone cologne. Now she knew my parents were out of town from facebook. When she got here she made several comments on how tired she was and that she needed a nap. I saw this coming and knew that if she came into my room she would immediately lay on my bed and ask me to take a “nap” with her before she had to meet her mom in 30 minutes. My brother was in the living room so I invited her in and sat down on the couch to ground the situation there until she left.
So I know its possible to continue on w/ our friendship w/o it escalating pheromones. No matter how good sex w/ an asian preacher’s daughter might be.