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    How to Get a Divorce in GA Using a No-Fault Ground

    If you wish to know how to get a divorce in GA when the reason is irretrievably marriage, then you will need to fulfill several requirements first.

    • The couple must be a resident of Georgia for at least six months
    • The couple must be separated first and even if they reside in the same house, they shouldn't be sharing a room or having any physical relationship

    When you fulfill these requirements, then it is time for you to consider how to file for divorce in GA using their 13 grounds. If you think it is a no-fault ground, then you must understand the difference between fault vs no-fault reasons first.

    If you have committed adultery, kept a pregnancy from your husband at the time of marriage, abandonment, desertion, any kind of abuse, insanity, has infected your spouse with a transmitted disease (STD), marriage between close relatives, impotence, and substance abuse, then these can be grounds for  fault divorce.

    On the other hand, if you and your spouse are no longer living together for a long period of time, have irreconcilable differences, have an irretrievably broken marriage and have irremediable breakdown of union, then these can be grounds for no-fault divorce.

    There is no need to hire a lawyer to teach you how to file for divorce in Georgia if you are divorcing with a no-fault ground. You can easily do it online and file it in court yourself.


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