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How to Design Seashell Jewelry?

You can sell seashells by the sea-shore – or at many dozen other venues so long as those seashells are something snazzy people would wish to buy. It is possible to create and sell jewelry made from seashells that is functional as well as fashionable. It is an inspiration and a simple process. For more information about Shell jewelry, you may lead here https://www.mishalamjewelry.com/shop/.

 How to Design Seashell Jewelry?

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Collect the cubes: Talk a walk along a beach that is coated with them; pay a visit to an arts and crafts store online. Attempt to locate cubes with little holes opening by which a cord can be attached. If your cubes are strong and lack openings, drill small ones with a very sharp, thin masonry drill bit.

Create a necklace: To begin with, you need to discover a dazzling shell. Following that, you drill a teeny hole through the middle of its own top. By these means, you thread a cord, knotting it a couple times over the pit so it will lie flat.

Then tie the ends of the cable together, so there's sufficient space for the ring to match over a person's head. Or you might resolve a grip bought from jewelry or craft supply shop.

You can string shells with each other to generate a necklace or bracelet. Just take a slender cord and many cubes, and then thread the strand like it had been a necklace or bracelet strung with beads.

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