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    Get Rid Of Pesky Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are blood-sucking little creatures that love to feed on animals or humans. They live in mattresses and pillows, often brought accidentally from other places such as hotels, and take up residence in the bedroom or living room sofa, etc.

    Bed bug treatment is a little difficult since they are often not spotted until there is a rather serious infestation. That is why it is sometimes best to hire professionals to get the job done. You can check out treatment for bed bug bites via various online resources.

    Bed bug on a mattress

    These creatures have great survival skills and if the food source is missing, they can last up to five months without eating anything at all. They also have the ability to produce about five eggs per day and this is why just one creature can cause havoc in the home. Indeed, just a few can colonize a home in quick time.

    Because they are hard to see with the naked eye, people should look for bite marks, particularly on kids, or spots of dried blood on bedclothes. They only come out to feed just before dawn and this is usually when we are in deep sleep. If they are disturbed by movement, they will retire to their hiding places and leave it until the following day.

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