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Everything You Should Know About Meals Ready To Eat For Civilians

Since the early 2000s, there has been a huge demand for meals ready to eat for civilians. A good example is during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. MREs were given out to victims of flooding, which proved to be more convenient compared to canned goods and similar products which require cooking. It's important to note that ready to eat meals are not only used by the military. Yes, manufacturers of military MREs are not allowed to sell their products to the general public. But civilian MREs, such as one from Eversafe, are now becoming increasing popular.

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One of the first questions that pop in people's mind when hearing about civilian MREs is why they should use them. It's obvious that these products work wonders during emergency situations. Some people like to stock up on them for their emergency supplies. However, many are also interested in MREs when they go camping or hiking. This trend is quickly picking up steam across the globe, thanks to manufacturers creating more choices for civilians.

There used to be a time when military MREs were considered far better than their civilian counterparts. The reason for this was the lack of flexibility in the products. Those made for civilians usually had inferior components. Critics often said they couldn't even be viewed as food. But with more manufacturers entering the market, competition has led to a variety of products which are comparable to military MREs.

Of course, MREs are not meant to provide the same satisfaction you get from eating in a fancy restaurant. You should, however, still consider the nutritional boost they provide. On the average, a civilian MRE contains about 1,250 calories. What's interesting is that this is the same number of calories found in military MREs. This just goes to show how far civilian alternatives have gone over the years.

It's also worth noting that the variety of meals has also improved a lot. You can now find a case of MREs with a multitude of different meals, so you don't get sick from eating the same meal over and over. And when it comes to price, you can expect to shell about less than $100 per case. Civilian MREs come with a slightly higher price tag than military MREs, but they provide certain advantages that make them worth the money.

For one, you can expect consistent product quality. You might be tempted to purchase military MREs on online marketplaces such as eBay, but there's no way to tell how the products were stored. For all you know, the military MREs were sitting in an Iraqi desert for several months, which could compromise their quality. It's better to invest in civilian MREs from legitimate vendors.

With a quick search, you can find reliable sellers of civilian MREs. You can give them a call anytime if you have questions or concerns. If their product makes you sick, you can bet that they'll do their part to help you. This is something you can't expect from military MREs.

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