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    Everything You Need To Know About Garmin Connect App

    With the new Garmin Connect app in your mobile, you will find bold, colorful, and activity cards that highlight your health stats at a glance. You can view your past activity and results by tapping on the ‘Detailed’ information page. All the activities and health measurements can be seen in vivid detail.

    It’s in the cards

    The activities are now locked in the pool of color. Different colors display different activities, so you can easily find out what you are looking for. There’s an option to customize or edit the details on the dashboard with easy to achieve goals through the Garmin Connect mobile. Just log in to the Garmin Connect to track, analyze, and share the activities from the Garmin device.

    Comparison of stats

    With this file, you can check the activities of the last 7 days like the steps, calories you burnt, sleep, and many more in brief. You can easily compare the data with the current stats and see how the figures are shaping up.

    See and share from anywhere

    The complete data of forerunner watch, edge, or outdoor watch is available in the Garmin Connect app. You can share the data record with any device or over the app anywhere to track the progress. You can analyze the sleeping and sedentary pattern of yours.

    Ready to connect your device

    Unlock your fitness devices and full potential with Garmin connect app. Upload the data from the device to the app directly. Send workouts right on your device and let your friends see your training and fitness activities.

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