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Engagement Rings Symbol of Integrity and Love

Jeweler on the finger of an individual in the form of a circle which brings back the most cherished moments of one’s life and refreshes the person is the Engagement ring.

Engagement is a period when two people decide to get married and the ring is the symbol of the decision. This Engagement bands is mainly worn by women but in some places even men wear it. In the United Kingdom and North America, only women wear it.

Engagement Rings Symbol of Integrity and Love

This ring is provided to the person with his would be life spouse and it signifies dedication. According to the habit, it's the guy who gives the ring to the girl after the union is finalized at a grand ceremony in the presence of family members and friends or in the time of proposition as a token of love.

According to the habits commonly the engagement ring is worn on the left-hand ring finger. This is due to a myth that the finger contains veins that directly contribute to the center. However, in Poland and Ukraine, the ring is worn on the ideal hand. In Germany, the ring is worn around the left hand and then preceded to right hand following union.

Engagement rings are similar to any other jewelry but are created in various metals like silver, yellow gold and white gold. You could even locate unique stones in rings like ruby, sapphire, diamond, and pearl. But diamond is the most popular among women nowadays. There is an assortment of brands that have specially designed rings for both women and men.

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