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    Drainage Surveys Using CCTV Cameras

    We are all aware that sewers are unfortunately hidden, which in turn makes them almost inaccessible without causing major disturbances, which leads to possible complications and unwanted costs.

    However, with CCTV camera surveys, along with the use of advanced technology, this is no longer a problem. It helps to easily identify problems such as blockages and surveying existing system conditions.

    For drain surveys, you can also opt for CCTV drain surveys in Nottingham, Sheffield & Derby.

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    Pre-adoption CCTV surveys are carried out by water authorities, construction companies, boards, developers, builders and architects. CCTV surveys provide security and verify that the system is in good condition and there are no hidden or fundamental problems.

    Camera pushrods are designed for pipes smaller than 150mm. It consists of a camera attached at the end of the rod, which is then navigated manually, identifying problems. Using this method narrow, the small pipe can be accessed.

    The drain crawler camera unit is used for longer and larger pipes. Operated by remote control, they also have advanced technology.

    Also, there is a remote controlled CCTV drainage survey camera that combines four-wheel drive and color CCTV. Complete with built-in DVDs, all surveys are recorded which are then given to the clients with their reports highlighting the condition of their drainage system.

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