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DIY Party Supplies and Ideas for Birthday Bashes

Today’s kids are more sophisticated than what they should have been! They are impervious and want a specific party to be thrown. If you do not abide by their terms, you are in for a tantrum. Here is a list of some DIY party supplies and ideas we have in store for you. These will help you come up with creative ideas on party supplies and decorations:


Use cardboard to carve out signs for the walls. These can indicate directions to places or they can be used to express sentiment on the walls. You can also hang these signs from the ceilings.

Tape Cups

Want a simpler way to make your cups look better? Tape your cups with some colorful tape. This will give your cups an elegant look.

Balloon Doorway

Hang balloons from your doorway to get a mesmerizing look around your hall. You can also use party supplies and decorations like LED lit balloons to light up the area.

Polka dot table cloth

Polka dot table cloths are fashionable. They also send out a party vibe to the guests in the room.

Painted seats

You can paint your seats in vibrant colors to raise the tempo of the party. The right colors can go a long way in setting the mood for the party.

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