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Difference Between Parallel And Single Extruder

Plastic single-screw extruder, as a type of extruder equipment commonly used in the plastics processing industry. 

It has a simple design and structure and a lower price, it is widely used, such as a single screw extruder SE series. But it has limitations and advantages in use.

Plastic extruder and parallel twin-screw extruder is different. Both are driven by a motor. Strength varies due to the number of bolts.

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They are used in areas and situations to meet different needs. Now let’s do some studies on the comparison of the two types of machines.

In a single theory advanced than the parallel type of twin extruder; for balanced by the radial force, but parallel types of twin-rotor balancing radial force through SKF bearings. 

SE plastic extruder screw compresses the air with one single and two-wheel star, and three of them in direct contact with each other, thus leading to serious fiction between star wheel and rotor. 

There will be a great inner leak in a large head, and the amount of displacement is reduced. 

While the parallel-twin screw extruder having energy-efficient motors with a speed of1460 r / min. The higher the speed, the greater the wear is. So a single screw motor tearing and serious wear, increased operating costs.