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    Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and Podiatry

    Developmental coordination dysfunction is a chronic neurological disorder beginning in younger years which affects the preparing of movements and co-ordination as something occurs to the communications from the brain not being transmitted effectively to the body. Consequently, you can find impairments in proficient motor movement as a child grows. The part of podiatry practitioners in taking care of examples of the complication of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) came up in a recent edition of PodChatLive. PodChatlive is a regular livestream hosted by Craig Payne coming from Melbourne, Australia and also Ian Griffiths out of the United Kingdom. They've got on regular guests to talk about a wide range of different issues. The show is broadcast live on Facebook and it is later on YouTube and as an audio version. The episode where Developmental coordination dysfunction was discussed was the episode on childrens gait and the expert had been the paediatric consultant Nina Davies. They described guidelines for evaluating the paediatric client and how just under-estimated Developmental Coordination Dysfunction is and the way we should be thinking of this rather than just considering a clumsy child. They also brought up in-toeing gait patterns and its reasons and solutions. One more useful conversation was how important it really is to try to be goal/activity orientated and concentrate on participation in exercise instead of seeking to “correct” or “fix” things within the growing human.

    Nina Davies is a podiatrist who qualified with a BSc(Hons) in Podiatry from Huddersfield University in the United Kingdom and obtained a Masters degree in Podiatric Clinical Biomechanics from the Staffordshire University in the UK. She holds a clinical head post at the NHS in the UK, that specialises in bone and joint podiatry with her main clinical case load largely directed at children and which involves clinical pathway development, services improvement as well as adding to the supply of training and mentorship. Nina is also a visiting instructor at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom where she delivers a module in paediatric podiatry at the post grad stage.

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