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    Cyber-crimes And Solutions

    Computer security training programs assist users to overcome these difficulties. Colleges and universities, technical schools and online programs are the main arenas that provide advanced computer security training.

    Computer security training is considered as one of the hottest programs for the new millennium. Computers undergo constant attacks from various virus programs and instances of frauds that cause the loss of millions of dollars annually. One can explore many new things through http://web.scalable-networks.com/content/stratcom-cyber-warfare-training-platform.

    With the growth with the internet, network security has turn into a major concern. Cybercrimes have emerged rapidly in the last few years and have major consequences. Cyber criminals are doing almost everything from stealing money, hacking in to others computer, stealing intellectual home, spreading viruses and worms to damage computers connected on the web and committing frauds.

    Cracking is normally done through the use of a backdoor program installed on the machine. A lot of crackers also try to gain access to resources through the use of password cracking software. Hackers can also monitor what u do on your pc and can also import files on your pc. A hacker could install several programs to your system without your knowledge. Such programs could also provide to steal personal information like passwords and credit card data. Important data of a company may also be hacked to get the secret information of the future plans of the company.

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