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Components Of Septic Tank System

The septic tank system is the most common disposal wastewater treatment system widely used today together with the drain field or vegetated leach field. It is placed at the rear of the house and can provide many years as effective waste disposal.

It is designed as a hands-off system for septic systems function by itself. The normal layout of a septic tank system is the construction of the tank, distribution box, and drain field or the vegetated leach field. You can also hire septic tank installation experts for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

The septic is designed and constructed from concrete, fiberglass, or plastic and is made to be waterproof. There should be provision for a riser that should stand out on the surface to allow the pump out periodically.

Annual maintenance is required for septic tanks to prevent costly repairs and avoid future problems. This tank is also designed to have an inlet pipe that will serve as part of the wastewater from households.

The outlet pipe, on the other hand, will allow as a means of access to the waste going into the drain field. In the septic system where the bins are designed to float on the top layer. The mud settles on the bottom layer and the middle layer that is liquid or sewage find substances that enter the vegetated leach field.

The distribution box serves as something in between the septic tank and drains field. This is where the overflow from septic tanks to go before it is distributed to the leach field. Distribution boxes take as much as it can handle overflow from septic tanks.

Septic tank system is effective in the treatment of wastewater. However, you must ensure that it will remain in prime condition by having it properly maintained. Monitor the garbage and mud every year.

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