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    Characteristics Of Yuneec Mantis Q Drone

    Yuneec Mantis Q is not a huge bumblebee. It measures 6.6 by 3.9 by 2.2 inches when closed, presenting it as a highly convenient drone. The four arms fold back making the drone completely safe and easy to travel with. To buy a drone, you can visit the link https://dronetownco.com/reviews/yuneec-mantis-q/.


    The camera

    This is where Yuneec Mantis Q Drone really begins to get impressive. You will take 4K videos and high-quality pictures stored in JPEG or DNG format. In the application, you will find the Instant Share feature. 

    Face Recognition

    This is one of the best features for people who like to take pictures of "selfie". What arises is that when the drone remembers your appearance. You can also set the drone in posture control mode where you just wave and the Mantis Q starts getting pictures.

    Flight at high speed

    Why should you fly slower when you can do 44 mph / 72 km/h crazy fun and still make impressive video images? Few drones are capable of speed like this. You may be worried about the latency drone pictures of your smartphone, but it is not too much, to 200 ms.

    Remote control

    Just as compact as the Yuneec Mantis Q drone has a remote control. It seems incredibly strong, has many icons and commands, even without the application, you can fly the drone fine, but you will not enjoy the FPV modes. 

    Battery and flight time

    The foldable drone Yuneec mantle Q uses a 2800mAh Li-Po battery. It can make a 33 minutes flight time on it. The battery is removable, so you can always order a replacement so you double your flight time.

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