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Can Polar Bears Be Saved?

Certainly the most essential thing – and actually the only thing that may save polar bears in the future would be to block the development of greenhouse gases and also halt the warming of Earth. There are numerous things which we are able to do on the earth to generate a much better world for polar bears while we’re also addressing the greenhouse gas problem, but following studies have proven that on the floor activities aren’t independently capable of rescuing the polar bears.

That is a conservation challenge that cannot be fulfilled from the Arctic; it needs to be fulfilled by all people, by me and you, where we reside.

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Can the bears have been emptied to Antarctica where there’s still a great deal of sea ice hockey?

Surely we can move the bears and possibly they’d flourish for some time, and why they’d thrive is because the penguins and the seals which live in the southern hemisphere haven’t evolved to evade an ice surface predator – polar bears capture their prey by walking on the surface of the sea ice.

That usually means that penguins and seals are constantly on the alert when they are below the sea ice, however they do not care about what happens when they’re over the sea ice.

Would limiting hunting rescue the polar bear?

There are tons of things which we may theoretically do in the ground to create the world just a bit better for polar bears while we tackle the larger problem of climate change. Of all those things, handling intentional kills from searching and accidental kills when bears get into trouble with individuals seem to be the main actions we could take.

It’s very important to keep in mind those wild creatures, should they have a secure healthier habitat, are a renewable source and they may be managed sustainably. Data indicates that in certain regions polar bear numbers will be falling with no searching. So the brief answer is that restricting hunting in certain regions could support to protect polar bears for the time we stop the decrease of the sea ice, but it won’t save the polar bears.

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