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Benefits of Poster Printing For Medical Conventions

Poster printing has been used repeatedly for most medical conventions. Why do most pharmaceutical companies or medical associations choose to use posters for their medical conventions? Below are some of the benefits. Read on even though you know that.

1. Informative. Posters usually have full details of medical conventions, which include the theme of the event, venue, speaker and time. Apart from this, you can also look for x-ray envelop printing services online at www.luxfordprint.com.au/radiology.

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2. Visibility. Because of its size, visibility is a plus benefit for poster board printing. Posters have sizes ranging from 8½ x 11 to 27 x 39. Most posters are 18 x 24, which are visible enough to be seen even in the distance.

3. Durability. Most posters are printed on 100 # gloss or matte or 10 pt paper. gloss card stock or 10 pt matte card stock. Because of the thickness of the paper stock, resistance is compared to other paper stocks used for other marketing guarantees.

4. Affordability. Digital printing is best used for amounts below 250 and with a maximum size of 11 x 17. For amounts above 250 and sizes above 11 x 17, offset printing is the best way to move.

5. Comfort. Poster printing is the most convenient and widely used strategy in promoting medical conventions. They can be placed neatly in strategic locations within hospitals, public clinics, or certain parts of the venue.

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