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    Benefits of Lensball Stand

    Lensball is a fun creative tool. To use it, you must hold it in your hand or expect the floor to be flat enough not to curl. To fix this small problem, lensball developers have added a lensball holder to the range.

    The lens ball mount works with all sizes of the lens ball and acts as a vent to prevent your lens ball from working. You can also wrap it on a tripod so you can use it.

    The stand is made up of two parts: a vent made of vulcanized silicone rubber and a base made of anodized aluminum. The silicone plug sucks/attaches to your lens ball. 

    There is a risk of a screw on the bottom that fits on each tripod. The underside of the base is completely flat, so you can place the lens ball on any surface without risking tipping over.

    Lensball accessory requires the compatible stand or holder which protects the lensball from scratches. You can use the stand on roads or in mountains or lakes to get a complete and flicker-free image.

    It gives a great natural image by saving the time of the photographer. This tool is best to choose for lensball photography while traveling or doing professional photography. Lensball makes your experience better for doing all types of photography.

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