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    Attend The Best School Not The Closest School

    We are posting a bartending school "rip off" checklist at the end of this article but the most important thing is to choose a school that will help you find a job, not necessarily the closest school.

    Training Hours

    Many bartending schools claim they can, "train you to become certified in bartending in 32-hours". Some schools advertise less time than 32-hours. If you are looking for an international elementary school in Amsterdam  then you can explore various other online sources.

    It is not possible for someone to become a competent bartender in 32-hours of training. It takes nearly three times that amount of training depending on the student's ability to learn and the effort the student puts into the program.

    As a seasoned bartender, bar manager, bartending school owner, and restaurant and bar consultant, I would never hire a graduate from a school with a reputation for under training their students.

    The loss of sales, in a high-volume restaurant or bar, would be too great of an impact on profit. 32-hours of training is not enough exposure behind the bar for a person to fast, efficient, and knowledgeable about bartending, let alone serving customers.

    Less alcohol served means less profit, which means if you are slow, you are going to lose sales and profit.

    Why do governing bodies allow schools to have such a short curriculum? Many states allow this type of behavior and the school becomes approved by the state board of education and similar state entities.

    For example, In any state is a free-for-all and the state has deregulated bartending schools, along with many other types of vocational schools. The state lets school owners do whatever they want. Currently, I do not know of any other state allowing vocational schools of this nature to merely do what they want. 

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