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    Asynchronous eLearning Solutions and Rapid eLearning

    ELearning delivery mode can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous types. synchronous training used in a specific time period in which students and teachers gather online for learning sessions led by an instructor.

    Asynchronous training, on the other hand, using different materials made available through the Internet and ready to be accessed and used by students at any time. You can also look for specialized learning solutions online.

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    Topics of interest for this article would be a type of asynchronous electronic learning solutions. This type of training is involved is described to be a student-guided. Because it can be accessed at any time at the discretion of the student, it is important that the full content in both breadth and depth so that the self-learning can be effective.

    This means that tools such as PowerPoint will be ineffective because if the presentation presenter appeared without life, points will be weak because of the content but an outline of the topic.

    The main advantage of this type is that the content delivery convenient for students as dictated by his preference for pacing and learning needs-do not requires the presence of a teacher. 

    It must be so complete and interesting that it can stand alone to allow master students what they need to learn. For it to be successful, designers and instructors must keep in mind the following factors:

    • motivate learners to learn.
    • focus on behavioral outcomes.
    • create the experience meaningful and memorable

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