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    3 Selection Criteria For Your Air Conditioner

    Regardless of the type of air conditioner, consider the following three technical aspects first: power, energy consumption, and operating noise. If you follow these criteria, then you will definitely be able to buy the best window air conditioner consumer reports.

    1. Power

    You must always keep in mind that a small device that works longer is going to be more efficient than an air conditioner, which is powerful and often stops and restarts. The humidity levels in the home will reduce with longer usage of the air conditioner, which will offer more comfort and better air quality. A window air conditioner of the right sized will maintain the relative humidity level of 30-50 percent.

    1. Energy efficiency

    Another important criterion: energy efficiency. The higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption. This is very useful when deciding between two products with very similar characteristics.

    In addition, a product marked with the ENERGY STAR symbol guarantees that it meets the most stringent energy efficiency requirements.

    1. Noise level

    At last, you must keep in mind that the type of device you are looking to buy and the noise level produced by it during operation, whether it complies with the government regulations or not. You must ensure that the window air conditioner you are buying offers peace of mind to not just you but your neighbors as well. If it emits more than 80 dB of sound, then that peace of mind will definitely hamper.

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